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Following Jesus is counter-cultural as we live in a time that glamorizes sex, chases fame, and shames those who don’t fall in line.  Hot button topics such as bullying, social media, loneliness, porn, anxiety, and defending Biblical views at school, online and with friends are all addressed in Sean McDowell’s new book, A Rebel’s Manifesto: Choosing Truth, Real Justice, and Love amid the Noise of Today’s World.  In today’s very helpful conversation for parents, you’ll learn:

3:00 What is a rebel’s manifesto about?  What does it look like to be a rebel today?  

4:30 How can you disagree with people and still like them?

7:41 What if your child has to do something immoral for a school assignment?  

9:52 About public education in California 

12:00 Take this advice about being involved in your child’s education 

13:14 How do you respond to statements like:  Who are you to judge me? 

15:00 How do you respond to: You should not force your morals on me.  

16:30 What if you are called a hater if you believe in marriage between a man and woman?

17:00 What if your child is labeled a hater? 

20:00 What are unique challenges to Gen Z?  

23:30 What does research say about the power of parents to influence our kids? 

25:50 Tell me about Summit Ministries and why it’s so influential for teens


Sean McDowell is an author, speaker, and associate professor at Talbot School of Theology at Biola.  He has two masters degrees and a PhD in apologetics and worldview studies.  He’s authored or edited more than 18 books.  He married his high school sweetheart Stephanie and they have three children. His newest book is A Rebel’s Manifesto.  Learn more at his website.

Want to learn more about Summit Ministries where Sean often speaks?  Visit https://www.summit.org/

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Arlene Pellicane

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