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Kids today are hooked on games that are a lot different than Pacman.  Mobile gaming isn’t just changing the industry; it’s changing childhood.  What is the impact of gaming on your child’s eyesight, brain development and its relationship to autism?  Find out more in Part 2 of this interview with digital addiction experts Dr. Andrew and Julie Doan.  Today you’ll learn: 

2:30 What video games (if any) do you play with your kids? 

4:30 Frontal lobe development – why your kids are not capable of limiting video games themselves 

5:30 The business of gaming – peer pressure to spend money in the game and gambling elements 

8:20 Are your kids being soothed by screens?  

11:00 Parenting with the long view in mind 

14:00 Why would I give my son an hour a day to practice murder, covetousness, and lust in a video game?  

16:50  How does gaming affect eyesight?  Sleep cycles?  

19:30  How have mobile devices shaped a child’s brain development? 

21:30  Screens and autism

Dr. Andrew Doan is the author of Hooked on Games.  He is an accomplished eye physician and surgeon with a doctoral degree in neuroscience from John Hopkins.  He speaks with medical and scientific authority on brain development and how digital media reprograms the brain.  His wife Julie is a registered nurse who is a digital media addiction specialist.  Learn more about Hooked on Games here

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Arlene Pellicane

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