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It’s challenging to raise confident girls in this social media age. What if you are struggling with confidence yourself as a mom? How can women and girls develop godly confidence and courage? In today’s conversation with author and mom Terra Mattson, you’ll learn:

2:50 What are you seeing repeated again and again in your counseling practice with girls?

4:50 Letting go of performance based thinking

6:30 When a boy asks your daughter for an inappropriate photo…do this

9:00 Talking with your daughter about wanting to be liked and the fear of losing friends (negative peer pressure)

11:30 What are red light, yellow light, green light friendships?

13:10 My struggle with bulimia and what I learned

16:30 The lost art of confession

17:45 How can we encourage our girl who is scared to go to school, or scared to face a mean girl?

19:30 Going on dates with your daughter, having intentional time

23:00 What are some signs that my daughter needs extra help like counseling?

Terra Mattson, MA, LPC, LMFT, has 20 plus years of experience as a licensed professional counselor and marriage and family therapist. Terra and her husband Jeff founded Living Wholehearted, a counseling and organizational development firm helping people live and lead with integrity. Terra’s book is Courageous: Raising Daughters Rooted in Grace. Learn more at her website.

Terra also has a video course, Helping Mom Raise Confident Daughters. Learn more here. 

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