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If you listen to Christian music, you’ve probably heard songs by today’s guest Colton Dixon. This award winning musician is here to talk about becoming a father, the miracle he experienced with his twin baby girl, and how you can experience more of the supernatural in your family. Colton is a featured guest on LIVE + LOCAL, a new show on Pure Flix. In today’s interview, you’ll learn:

2:30 Being on American Idol compared to becoming a father

4:30 Delivering the twins – we had huge complications

7:00 Needing a family miracle, blocking out fear, choosing faith

10:20 A funny place Arlene heard Colton’s song Miracles

11:00 The story behind Colton’s new song, Build a Boat

12:50 If you’re going through a dry season as a family…

14:00 Highs and lows in Colton’s career, how can we help our kids with disappointment?

18:50 Colton’s confession about taping for a new show, LIVE + LOCAL on Pure Flix

20:45 Working with Dave Coulier, Uncle Joey from Full House

22:30 Teens expressing themselves through fashion – what’s okay? What’s too much?

24:30 What can we do as parents about music with bad lyrics?

28:00 My daughters Athens and Dior living up to their names

Colton Dixon has released three No1 albums and his music has been streamed more than 100 million times. He’s been awarded 2 Dove Awards and KLOVE nominations. You can watch Colton guest star on the show LIVE + LOCAL, now streaming on Pure Flix. 

Learn more about Colton Dixon on his website

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Arlene Pellicane

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