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Loving your kids is very important, but so is loving your spouse. How can you invest in your marriage this week? It’s worth the effort to get closer to your spouse because a strong marriage makes a strong family. It can be easier to talk about parenting and sweep your marriage issues under the rug. On today’s episode, Arlene shares a few things she has learned about marriage.  You’ll learn:  

3:40 Here’s the weird thing that happened to me in spin class

6:20 Providing stability to your kids 

7:25 We don’t live in a committed culture 

9:00 Think of commitment like this, not that 

11:40 I would be considerate to my spouse if he was considerate to me…

15:00 What’s one thing you could do for your spouse today? 

16:00 But my spouse is no longer novel or interesting…

18:00 My husband’s glucose kick

19:50 Create more wonder in your marriage like this (check out Bill Farrel’s interview in the archives) 

22:00 Advice for stepfamilies (check out past interviews with Ron Deal and/or Laura Petherbridge in the archives) 

24:00 Dropping off our oldest to college with tears

If you want to learn more, read Arlene’s book 31 Days to a Happy Husband. https://arlenepellicane.com/book/31-days-to-a-happy-husband/

You can also take the masterclass here.

Arlene Pellicane is the host of the Happy Home podcast, speaker, and author of several books including Parents Rising and Screen Kids.

Arlene Pellicane

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