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According to today’s guest, a father is the most important person in a young girl’s life. That’s what Dr. Meg Meeker has been seeing again and again in her work as a pediatrician. Learn why this connection is so important and how to strengthen these bonds, no matter what your current situation. On today’s podcast based on Dr. Meeker’s bestselling book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, you’ll learn:

2:40 The importance of a dad’s words – the sentence that changed Dr. Meeker’s life

4:20 What are the main differences between a dad and a mom?

6:55 If you think it’s too late to build a strong relationship with your daughter, it’s not. Take ten minutes and do this…

8:10 Children get cues from parents – if mom or dad is upset or anxious, kids will be too

10:40 What inspired you to write your book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters?

12:10 What’s it like seeing your book made into a movie?

14:20 Why did you include humility as a chapter in your book? How do dads show humility to daughters in a healthy way?

15:50 Daughters crave for their dad to protect them (even if they say otherwise)

18:10 Do this dad when your daughter comes home from a date

20:40 Set the rules of dress and dating beforehand

22:30 What differences are you seeing in your teen patients in the last five years because of technology?

24:10 Why is social media so dangerous for girls?

Dr. Meeker is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She’s written 7 books and a mother of four and grandmother of six. Her bestselling book Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters (which has sold more than half a million copies) has just been adapted into a movie on Pure Flix.

Watch the movie Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters on Pure Flix 

Find out more about Dr. Meeker on her website

Arlene Pellicane

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