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Are you aware that you are raising tiny disciples? Whether you have young ones or teens, Melissa Swain is here to help us write God’s Word on our children’s hearts. Family discipleship made simple. How do we do this in a way that our kids embrace? Today you’ll learn:

3:45 What can Alexander the Great teach us about culture today? What is vulture culture?

5:50 The urgency of parenting…we have limited time.

7:10 This isn’t an easy fix

7:50 How can you test how much popular culture is influencing your child?

10:30 Disciplining younger kids looks like this

11:50 How can I get my 18 year old to obey house rules?

14:50 You don’t have to have a huge chunk of time to disciple

17:10 The difference between connecting with a moment and connecting with your child

19:40 Try these creative smores

21:30 What NOT to do with your kids

24:10 A different way to hold your kids accountable

26:55 How might a family start a discipleship plan at home?

28:45 Help for the single mom (or for the mom who is the only Christian in the home)

Guest Melissa Swain is the co-author of Write It On Their Hearts (authored with her late husband Chris). Melissa has spent nearly 23 years as a pastor’s wife and is a mom, homeschool teacher, writer, and editor.

To learn more, go to Melissa’s website, Write It on Their Hearts. 

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