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How close do you feel to your spouse?

No matter what the state of your union, there are things you can do and say to grow closer to one another. Longtime radio cohost of FamilyLife Today, Bob Lepine has a new book titled “Build a Stronger Marriage.” On today’s episode, we’ll talk about:

3:20 It’s my spouse that needs to change, not me

5:00 Finding a mentor couple

8:00 When you’re a morning person and you marry a night person

11:30 What does this psalm of worship have to do with marriage?

14:40 Four areas of the past that you must talk about

16:30 Patterns and problems from your family of origin

19:45 Hurts need to addressed if we want to be healed

21:05 How to interest your spouse in changing your marriage

22:55 What issues should you confront and what should you overlook?

26:45 Four horsemen of marriage apocalypse

30:00 Try this to celebrate your spouse

Bob Lepine serves as the teaching pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Little Rock Arkansas, and was the long time radio cohost of FamilyLife Today. Bob speaks at marriage and pastors events across the country. You can read Bob’s blog here.

Learn about his new book, Build a Stronger Marriage – The Path to Oneness 

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