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Are your kids good at saying thank you? Kids and teens have gained a reputation for being entitled, but what if your kids were known for being grateful?

Dr. Gary Chapman joins me to talk about beefing up the A+ skill of appreciation as we write about in our book Screen Kids. In our conversation, you’ll learn:

4:00 Were kids grateful in the generation you grew up in? How did your parents teach you gratitude as a young child?

5:25 The milk toddler tyrant

6:15 The enemy of the A+ skill of appreciation: indulgence

8:35 the value of saying no as a parent

10:00 What if gifts is my child’s love language and I don’t buy what they want – will they feel unloved?

13:00 But everyone else has one!

14:45 These kind of things show gratitude to moms

17:00 Work hard to have a mealtime everyday together

20:20 Dr. Chapman gets a lesson in being thankful

21:35 How do I start with my teenager if he or she hasn’t been grateful?

23:00 It starts with being thankful to God ourselves

25:50 Try this at Thanksgiving

Dr. Gary Chapman is known around the world as the author of The Five Love Languages (20 million copies in print). You (or your child) can take the quiz to find out what your love language is here

Learn more about Screen Kids, co-authored by Dr. Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane

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