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Feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do? Or maybe you feel insignificant as you look forward to the New Year. Rachael Adams knows what it’s like to wonder about the difference she’s making in the world as a mom. She’s written a new devotion, “A Little Goes a Long Way” to remind us that small acts and invitations often lead to some pretty amazing results. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

4:30 What he was actually asking was “Am I enough?”

6:00 One minute that introduced me to my husband

7:10 I was isolated as a mom and this invitation changed my life

9:50 The value of touch between kids and parents

12:45 You ran a half marathon…once. How did the power of encouragement get you through?

14:30 How to notice those around you and their needs

15:50 I wish my life was bigger…does my little life matter at all?

20:30 Here’s how to have more purpose to our work

23:30 We can start to compare our ministries instead of doing this

Rachael Adams is the host of the popular The Love Offering podcast. She and her husband Bryan run a family business and farm in Kentucky with their two kids and two doodle dogs.

Learn about her new book, A Little Goes a Long Way: 52 Days to a Significant Life.

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Arlene Pellicane

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