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Do your kids embrace life with confidence? We talk about resilience but how many kids are really willing to take risks, fail, and get back up again? Dr. Kathy Koch is here to help us raise resilient kids who can recover from bad days and disappointments.

For kids to be resilient, they need to know the God of the Bible. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

3:20 What is resilience?

4:50 Don’t just talk about resilience, this is how to live it out in front of your kids

5:40 Your daughter blames her teacher for a bad grade, what do you say?

8:20 What is the difference between a failure and a mistake?

12:45 When you zap your kids without even knowing it

15:15 The powerful roles of optimism and pessimism

16:55 Use the calendar this way to help your kids recover

19:45 Big trauma versus little trauma

22:30 Put your phone down and hear your child’s heart cry

24:35 Technology has taught us that everything is easy

26:46 Learning lessons from giraffes about overparenting

29:34 Fostering spiritual resiliency in your kids

Dr. Kathy Koch is a child development specialist and founder of Celebrate Kids based in Fort Worth Texas. She has influenced thousands of parents, teachers and children in 30 countries through keynote messages and seminars. Her books include Screens and Teens, 8 Great Smarts and the topic of today’s conversation, Resilient Kids.

Learn more about Dr. Kathy and her book Resilient Kids at Celebrate Kids

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