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Is your marriage a source of strength or a source of stress? Pastor and author Gary Thomas shares how to make your marriage like a fortress, a safe place in stormy times. You don’t have to have perfect circumstances to have a strong marriage; in fact, trouble can bring a couple together. You’ll learn how to make this happen in today’s conversation about:

3:00 Will trouble bring you closer together in a marriage or tear you apart?

4:00 This storm is terrible, but it would be even worse if it took our marriage away too

5:40 We all relate to God differently, here are different ways people worship

7:10 When one spouse is up and one is down

9:00 The fear of MS was even worse than the MS itself

10:00 When you lose a child

11:00 The second year of grieving is often worse than the first

13:01 A new child means a new marriage, let me explain

14:30 We are going to get closer to each other twenty years from now

16:00 When you have a disabled child, how to nurture your other family members too

18:00 How can you tell if you have the symptoms of over busyness

22:50 Different drives and how to navigate that wisely

25:20 Maybe is a very helpful word

28:00 How to get closer to your spouse starting right away

Gary Thomas has authored 20 books such as Sacred Marriage that have sold more than 2 million copies and been translated into more than a dozen languages. Gary enjoys running and has completed 14 marathons including the Boston marathon 3 times. He and his wife Lisa have been married 38 years and have three adult children and 2 grandchildren.

Learn more about Gary Thomas’ newest book: Making Your Marriage a Fortress. 







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