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After being on a break to refresh and work on a writing project, I’m back with the Happy Home podcasts and some AMAZING guests!

Parents, how would you like to have kids who love God, like their family and do the dishes without being asked? My friend author and boy mom Monica Swanson is here to share how we can raise such amazing kids. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

4:00 Aiming big is not necessarily the goal
5:20 Do I really need to be intentional in raising children?
7:50 How to have eyes wide open with technology
9:10 How to build family culture
13:20 How to balance independence & freedom with teens
15:00 What if you aren’t good at starting conversations?
17:50 By prioritizing yourself, you prioritize your kids
19:10 Kids become like the company they keep
21:30 How to be the “cool” house that kids like to visit
23:50 Talking about politics, current events
24:50 When my college son faced anxiety issues
27:30 Managing success in a healthy way

Monica Swanson is host of the popular Monica Swanson Podcast (formerly the Boy Mom Podcast). She and her husband Dave who is a doctor have raised their 4 boys on the north shore of Oahu. Monica’s new book is Raising Amazing. Learn more about Monica and Raising Amazing here.

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Arlene Pellicane

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