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When hard times come, what happens to your family?  Is your faith strengthened or weakened? Three time cancer survivor Michele Cushatt shares the practices that helped her walk through immeasurable suffering. In today’s honest and faith-filled conversation about her new book A Faith That Will Not Fail, you’ll learn:

2:00 Why did you start your book with lament?

6:00 I still miss my old voice (after tongue cancer)

9:30 Worshiping with what you’ve been given

12:00 Humility is so key because…

17:00 But I don’t want to surrender control

21:15 When your child says, “I hate being in this family”

25:00 Peter, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat

Michele Cushatt is a reluctant expert of trauma and pain through three cancer battles, divorce, and parenting foster adopted kids. She speaks internationally to a wide variety of audiences. She and her husband Troy share a blended family of six children and they live outside of Denver, CO. 

Find out more about Michele Cushatt’s book, A Faith That Will Not Fail



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