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Marriage is beautiful and rewarding, but it also can be very hard. There is one thing that can radically bless your home – praying the Word of God for your marriage.

Author Jodie Berndt has a new book in her bestselling Praying the Scriptures series. In Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage, you’ll get the tools and inspiration needed to pray for your spouse with confidence and joy.

In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

2:15 What would you ask God to do for your marriage?  

5:00 Secular research has come out about the benefits of prayer in marriage 

7:20 God, I just wish you’d fix my spouse… 

11:00 The upward spiral in the home  

14:50 How do you learn how to pray Scripture over your marriage? 

16:30 Idea for praying together with your spouse

20:00 Hitting the ball back in communication 

23:40 You’re not in crisis, but you’re not great either…

26:25 When I was steaming mad at my husband

29:30 Transform your heart through prayer

Jodie Berndt is the bestselling author of the Praying the Scriptures book series, which includes volumes for children, teens, adult children, and now, Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage.  Jodie has been a trusted speaker, Bible teacher, and prayer warrior for more than 30 years.  She and her husband Rob have four married children and live in Virginia Beach VA. 

Find out more about Jodie Berndt and her book, Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage

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