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Are you worn-out as a mom or dad?  (I’m thinking you are nodding your head right now…unless you are too tired!)

Bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman knows the feeling. We’re talking about his new book, When Your Way Isn’t Working.  In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

2:30 When you’re worn out and not acting like yourself 

4:10 How can you encourage your husband to seek out help from a counselor or otherwise?  

7:30 Examples of controlling metaphors (this is brilliant!) 

10:00 Prioritizing connection over production (John 15)

15:10 Doing what is right even when you are too tired 

17:05 The difference between superficial vs connective friends

20:50 These are the four warning lights in parenting

24:00 The wheel of feelings on the fridge 

26:30 Watering a fake plant (don’t spend your life producing something that’s not real)

Kyle Idleman is the senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church, one of the largest churches in America. He’s written books like Gods at War and Not a Fan. His new book is When Your Way Isn’t Working: Finding Purpose and Contentment through Deep Connection with Jesus.  Kyle and his wife have four children. Learn more at his website.

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