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Are your kids close to their grandparents?  How can grandparents help even if they’re far away? Popular speakers Richard and Linda Eyre are here to talk about the grand in grandparenting and the genius of the three generation family. Many kids will open up to grandparents in a way they will never open up to their parents. In today’s conversation, you’ll hear about the benefits of: 

2:10 The Three Generation Family

4:33 How to get grandparents more or less involved

6:49 Screen Free Activities 

10:18 Bridging the space gap 

12:53 Strengthening bonds with your grandparents

17:34 Parenting is still the same

19:41 How to raise responsible kids

22:23 Grandparenting before and after the tablet

Richard and Linda Eyre have been fortifying families around the world through speaking and writing since 1980.  They’ve spoken in 45 countries! Their bestselling book Teaching Your Children Values was the first parenting book in 50 years to reach #1 on the NYT bestseller list. The Eyres’ other books include The Entitlement Trap, Grandmothering, and Being a Proactive Grandparent. The Eyres have been frequent guests on Oprah, the CBS Early Show, the Today Show and GMA. 

Learn more about Richard and Linda Eyre’s books at ValuesParenting.com

Learn more about their grandparenting course at Grandparenting101.com 

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