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Do you struggle with body image or maybe you worry about the messages your kids are getting?  Striving to have a perfect or better body can be exhausting and depressing.  But what if your body isn’t a problem to solve in your life, but rather a solution?

Fitness professional and author Alisa Keeton shares how you can celebrate your body, have it work for you and not against you, and find the wellness God created for you to enjoy.  Sharing insights from her book The Body Revelation, we’ll talk about:

3:00 When I was 14, this experience with exercise changed my life

5:00 The bad narrative about the body is…

6:50 How your body gives you important clues from the moment you are born 

8:40 You can celebrate every body, shape, and size but for what?

9:24 I came from a functional dysfunctional home; it wasn’t a family of faith 

10:40 The Jesus Movement comes to my home 

13:20 I was repeating the unhealthy patterns of my mother…

15:50 Big T and little t traumas and how they affect your body and brain 

17:42 Breathe – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

18:33 Hosting the presence of God in your life and how that brings calm 

19:10 Commentators say Jesus walked a minimum of ten miles a day, walking and talking. 

20:00 Detoxing our brain…neuroplasticity explained (this is brilliant!) 

22:11 We have too much information and it is changing our brain

24:00 Gas pedal, brake pedal.  Learn how to move and how to rest. 

27:40 The things that are unseen are eternal 

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