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Kids used to play outside for hours.  Now they game or stay on their phones for hours indoors. How can you get your screen saturated kids to put down the devices and head outdoors?  Eryn Lynum, author of Rooted in Wonder, is here to help us fall in love with God’s creation as a family. You don’t have to live on a beach or near a national park to enjoy the many benefits of nature.  In this conversation, you’ll learn about:
3:10  Getting your kids interested in nature

6:00 Boys are drawn to the wildest things 

8:30 Connecting the dots between the created world and the Creator

13:40 Invasive plants and what they teach us about technology 

17:00 Nature is not relative – there are definitive truths about nature

20:00 Going into creation to sort your thoughts and get perspective

22:50 Practical ideas to get outside even with little kids 

25:11 Word of encouragement to the non-outdoorsy people

Today’s guest Eryn Lynum is the author of Rooted in Wonder: Nurturing Your Family’s Faith through God’s Creation.  Eryn is a certified master naturalist, Bible teacher, wife and mom of four. She’s been featured on Family Life Today, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and MOPS international. 

Find out more about Eryn on her website, ErynLynum.com
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