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When you hear the word teenager, it may strike fear in your heart. If you are dreading the teen years, you’re not alone and you don’t have to be helpless bystander. Counselor and author of Parenting Ahead: Preparing for the Teen Years, Kristen Hatton, is here to teach us what we can do today to prepare well for tomorrow.  In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

2:45 How to prepare for the teen years so you can prevent unnecessary heartbreak
4:00 When parents never say “I’m sorry”
5:38 How to find the happy medium of discipline and independence
6:45 Teens will be teens, isn’t that right?
8:05 I was the queen of nagging (but I thought I was being helpful)
9:25 Seeing the fine line of overparenting
11:30 Also being wary of underparenting
14:30 Making parenting our golden calf idol
16:00 Redemption parenting when responding to your child vaping
18:50 Sponsoring activities for your kids is different then connection
21:51 Can your child/teen describe the gospel to someone else?
26:25 How parenting is like farming

Kristen Hatton is a counselor and author.  Through counseling so many teens and their parents, she became passionate about equipping and encouraging parents. She and her husband have three young adult children, Her new book is titled Parenting Ahead: Preparing for the Teen Years.  

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