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Parenting can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a single mom. Michelle Donnelly, president of the single parents’ ministry Plus ONE Parents, knows what it’s like to parent from a place of exhaustion and overwhelm. But in her new Bible study, Made for More, she shares how to move past hurt, loss, and heartbreak into what God has planned for your family.  In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

2:20 Feeling so lost in life 

7:00 Digging into Scripture and discovering single parent stories 

9:55 Shalom means so much more – let me explain 

12:10 Your situation does not define who you are or who God is

15:35 Helping our kids through rejection and anger

22:45 Helping kids cope with divorce and hard circumstances

26:00 How to better minister to single parents

28:11 Energy management as a single mom (you can say no)

Today’s guest Michelle Donnelly is the president and CEO of Plus ONE Parents, a single parents’ ministry.  Michelle has been featured on Focus on the Family, Moody Radio and the Life of a Single Mom.  She has a new Bible study entitled, Made for More: Life Beyond Hurt, Loss and Heartbreak. 

Learn more about Michelle and the many resources of Plus ONE Parents here.  

Learn more about the Bible study, Made for More: Life Beyond the Wreckage of Hurt, Loss and Heartbreak here https://plusoneparents.org/resources/

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