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What do you eat when you feel stressed? Maybe it’s cookies, burritos, cake, or my personal favorite, chocolate. What if we turned to God instead to find He has a feast prepared for us? Author Wendy Speake is back with her new book, The 40 Day Feast. We’ll learn how to savor the Bible and the feast for the soul inside of Scripture. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

2:31 What do I turn to on hard days? The pantry? Coffee? My phone?
3:50 We are feasting on what will really satisfy our deepest needs
4:20 Are we truly believing AND reading the Word of God?
5:40 Pinpointing what we are turning to instead of God, recognizing distractions
6:30 The honking big Bible you got from your dad
9:23 Let your kids see you reading the Bible
13:40 When your baby ate the Bible – literally!
15:41 The powerful legacy of Grandparents
18:25 The power of prayer for our kids


Wendy Speake is the author of The 40 Day Feast, The 40 Day Sugar Fast, and The 40 Day Social Media Fast. Wendy is also the co-author of Triggers and Parenting Scripts.  She has three teen sons.  You can learn more about Wendy and her books here 

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