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You’ve tried doing all the right things and saying the right words, but you’re still exhausted and empty. There are times in life when it feels like no matter what we do, it ends in frustration.  Ashley Morgan Jackson knows what it’s like to face disappointment.  Sharing ideas from her new book, Tired of Trying, she’s here to encourage us when life just isn’t working.  In today’s conversation, you’ll learn about:

2:00 Having the baby blues as a new mom

3:53 Dealing with a mom identity crisis 

5:09 Bridging the frustration gap

6:48 Next steps if you’re tired of trying

13:28 Choosing to walk with God through pain rather than blame 

17:51 Struggling personally while raising kids

22:30 Advice for curing depression

26:06 Christian living today is hard, and God is here to help

Ashley Morgan Jackson is an author, speaker, and social media expert. She works full-time for Proverbs 31 Ministries. Learn more about Ashley and her new book, Tired of Trying 

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