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Dannah Gresh is this week’s AWESOME AUGUST guest.

If your marriage is suffering because of pornography, addiction, or an affair, you are not alone. It is not hopeless.  You can be part of a story of redemption. Dannah Gresh has seen God redeem the broken pieces of her marriage and she’s here to share her story.  In today’s honest and powerful conversation, you’ll learn about:

2:00 Happily even after, walking through porn addiction in marriage

5:02 How porn affects the brain

9:15 Next steps to help marriages with a porn addiction

11:27 What to do when your spouse doesn’t seem to want help

13:38 Should you tell your kids you have a porn addiction?

17:12 How to prepare your kids for a victory over pornography 

20:33 Redemption is the sweetest gift

22:56 The power of prayer through tough times

26:16 Dealing with one step forward, two steps back 

28:37 Inviting redemption in your house

Dannah Gresh is best-selling author of more than 2 million books, speaker, and founder of True Girl. She is the co-host of Revive Our Hearts, a daily podcast for women. She and her husband Bob live in Pennsylvania on a small farm that could be confused as a petting zoo.

Learn more about Dannah’s new book, Happily Even After: Let God Redeem Your Marriage 

Learn about True Girl – Dannah’s ministry to moms and daughters

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