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The headlines tell us anxiety is on the rise. Is your family wrestling with anxiety? Counselor Jonathan Holmes helps us calm our anxious kids (and calm our own hearts too). How can you tell the difference between worry and anxiety?  When does your child need help from a counselor?  We’ll talk about this and more in today’s encouraging conversation about:

2:00 What are statistics revealing about anxiety before and after Covid? 

3:20 The relationship between worry and anxiety and stress 

4:30 How can you tell if your child has a disorder that needs to be treated? l 

6:10 Are physical ailments actually signs of anxiety?

7:50 At our counseling center, we’re seeing so many children like… 

10:35 Anxious kids…anxious parents?

13:50 Sleep recommendations for kids and teens 

16:20 Non-medical interventions for anxiety proven to work

18:20 Find out why your teen is spending so much time with TikTok or Instagram

21:00 What Jesus said about worry

24:00 Connect with your child through walking and talking

Jonathan Holmes is the founder and executive director of Fieldstone Counseling. He previously served for 15 years on the pastoral teams of Parkside Church and Parkside Green. He has a degree in Biblical counseling and his MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He’s the author and contributor to a number of books including the Company We Keep, Counsel for Couples and Rescue Skills.  He and his wife Jennifer have four daughters.  

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