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What if you could parent with the strength of Hercules? Actor Kevin Sorbo played the role of Hercules for years, but his strength didn’t come from working out, it came from his fervent relationship with Christ. You may know Kevin for movies like God’s Not Dead, Soul Surfer, or Let There Be Light. Today we’re talking about his newest film Miracle in East Texas, coming to theatres on October 29 and 30. In our conversation, you’ll learn about his strong marriage, parenting values, homeschooling, working in a secular environment, and more:

3:30 Love at first sight on the set of Hercules 

5:00 Having a long marriage in Hollywood

6:00 We don’t have the Hollywood backing of Miracle in East Texas 

7:00 God’s Not Dead, Soul Surfer, Left Behind…

8:30 Being the odd man out in Hollywood

9:55 What is it like working with your wife? 

12:20 Advice for homeschooling dads

14:10 Dealing with being deathly ill while filming Hercules

19:32 I was living on four hours of sleep for five years 

21:00 How do you motivate your kid who doesn’t want to work? 

23:40 How to strengthen your husband and your son 

24:56 Kids books that promote Christian values

Kevin Sorbo emerged as a TV star when he was cast as the lead role of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. He has guest starred on sitcoms and starred in films like God’s Not Dead and Left Behind. Kevin married actress Sam Jenkins whom he met on the set of Hercules. They have three children. Kevin’s books include True Strength and True Faith.

Get your tickets to see Miracle in East Texas and keep up with Kevin at SorboStudios.com 

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