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Mom, could you use some extra income by working at home, at a pace that would suit your family? Mom entrepreneur Lesley Pyle is here to share business and life advice from her own experience as the founder of HireMyMom.com. How do you get work done while kids are at home? How do you know if you’re working too much?  We’ll talk about these questions and more in today’s conversation:

3:00 I went back to work and cried every single day 

5:05 I wanted to help other moms work for home 

7:15 It never gets easier launching kids from home 

8:25 This rule of thumb if you’re working with an infant or toddler 

10:00 Your kids adjust to what you present as normal 

11:40 What are the benefits of remote work? 

13:05 Freedom and flexibility to be at your kids’ events

14:50 These are the warning signs that you are working too much 

16:35 Try these focus tips when you’re working 

19:35 Give us a market update – what are employers looking for? 

23:50 When you feel like your career dreams have died 

27:20 Getting on the same page with your spouse about working or not working 

28:50 A difficult season as a single mom 

Lesley Pyle started the National Association of Home Based Working Moms in 1995. She has a masters degree in public relations and is the founder of HireMyMom.com. Lesley’s business insights have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, USA today, Parenting, and many others.  She’s been working from home for over 25 years. 

Whether you’re a mom looking for work, or a small business owner looking for talented remote workers, visit HireMyMom.com 

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