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Has your child ever asked you a science question that you couldn’t answer? Scientist Dr. Michael Guillen is with us to explain why science and God are not at odds; in fact they are a power couple. You’ll be equipped to talk about science with your kids with more confidence after listening to today’s conversation about: 

4:00 I must have shocked my parents when I had an interest in science 

8:20 Why science is not hostile to God 

9:00 I started asking questions about the origin of the universe 

12:00 Exploring the world religions for answers science could not answer 

14:00 Not only are science and Christianity compatible, they are a power couple and here’s why 

16:10 Look at nature and it will show you the glory of God…let creation speak! 

18:40 What to say when you kids are taught they are so similar to chimps 

23:10 Don’t spin science one way or the other 

27:00 Love without truth is a delusion 

28:00 When your child learns about evolution…

Dr. Michael Guillen is a three time Emmy award winner, bestselling author, and former ABC news science editor. He is a UCLA grad and earned his doctorate at Cornell in physics, mathematics, and astronomy. He taught physics at Harvard, and hosts the Science and God podcast on AccessMore. 

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