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You can’t control how your kids turn out, but you can guide them to love and know God. Our parenting efforts can get wasted on what is not really important. How can we help our kids develop Biblical character?  How can we give our kids the gift of parenting differently?

Founder of Celebrate Kids, Dr. Kathy Koch is here to help us determine which character traits need attention right now in your child’s life. Her new book is Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character That Changes Culture. Today you’ll learn:

4:00 It’s good to have character but THIS is even better…

8:35 What it means to live on purpose 

9:00 The big three character traits your kids need 

14:20 These tough conversations with our families are hard, but needed 

18:45 How to approach a negative change in your child’s behavior

24:00 Building character in your child with ADHD

27:55 Being aware of our choices can really make a difference 

Dr. Kathy Koch is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids. She’s influenced thousands of parents, teachers and children in 30 countries through her talks. She has a PhD from Purdue and is the author of several books including Screens and Teens, and 8 Great Smarts.  

Learn more about her newest book Parent Differently here 

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