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In business, we learn new strategies, test products, and set goals. How can we apply this same intentionality to parenting?  Think of yourself as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Operations Officer in your home. CEO Bill Hampton is here to help us grow as parents.  On today’s episode, you’ll learn: 

2:30 How to grow yourself so you can grow as a parent 

4:45 Building momentum in parenting 

10:30 Being intentional in your parenting starts here 

15:50 Carving out time to spend with family even when life seems so busy 

18:55 How to deal with screens in the home more constructively 

24:49 What to do when you don’t like what your kids are doing 

26:30 How to instill a work ethic in your kids 

30:50 Stay strong as a parent

Bill Hampton is the founder and CEO of Hampton Strategies.  He served as the executive VP and chief marketing officer for Dave Ramsay for 13 years, leading the growth of the Dave Ramsay show to a listenership of nearly 4.5 million people. You can follow Bill on Instagram @thebillhampton  

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