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Are your children going to grow up to be leaders? Author and leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore says your child doesn’t have to run a Fortune 500 company or be a team captain to be a leader.  Learn how to nurture your children’s God-given abilities so they can live an “I can’t wait” kind of exciting, full life. In this conversation based on Tim’s new book, I Can’t Wait: 52 Stories of Kids Who Changed Their World, you’ll learn:

3:30  How our children’s generation is so different than previous generations 

6:00 Is the decision I’m making today going to serve my kids in the long term?

7:50  But my child isn’t a leader…

10:45 What is artificial maturity? 

15:10 How to inspire kids to dream big about the future  

23:00 How you can help your kids have longer attention spans

27:20 If you’re burned out and tired as a parent, start here

Dr. Tim Elmore is the founder and CEO of Growing Leaders. He’s dedicated his life to developing the next generation of students and equipping them to think and act like leaders. He’s spoken to more than half a million leaders in businesses, universities, athletic teams, and nonprofits. He was listed in the top 100 leadership speakers in America by Inc magazine. He has published more than 35 books and today we’re talking about his new book, I Can’t Wait: 52 stories of kids who changed their world. 

Learn more about the I Can’t Wait book here 

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