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What is the current spiritual temperature of your family? No doubt you have had seasons when you were more on fire for God than others.  Bible teacher Stephanie Rousselle is here to help us stoke the fire of faith in the home. How can we delight in God on a daily basis and pass on that enthusiasm to our kids?  In today’s conversation you’ll learn about:

2:30 Finding the “spice” in Christianity 

4:30 Getting back to being on fire for God 

8:50 Helping your kids taste the goodness of God 

13:50 Pouring into your kids can look like this 

18:15 When you were a college student, you were an atheist…

25:40 What is biblical success as a family? 

Stephanie Rousselle is the host of the Gospel Spice podcast. Her motto is “God’s glory, our delight!” Born and raised in France, in the past 20 years she has lived on three continents, four countries, and five cities. She’s a wife, mom, podcaster, speaker and Bible teacher. 

Learn more about Stephanie Rousselle and Gospel Spice here.

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