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Maybe you used to be employed, married, or healthy. When you suffer a loss, you enter the realm of “used to be.” Licensed counselor Ashley Elliott is here to help us build new thinking patterns when life doesn’t turn out how we thought it would. Ashley and her husband Chuck are the authors of “I Used to Be…”  In this episode, you’ll learn how to navigate losses in life as we talk about: 

2:19 What I used to be…

4:27 How to use “switch theory” to combat negativity 

9:04 Here’s how you can get back into a positive space with your spouse 

11:17 Recognizing the triggers that cause negative spaces 

14:08 How to get through your grief 

19:00 Understanding your “anger wall”

24:55 How to help others who are grieving 

28:28 How to know when to seek help with your grief  

Ashley Elliott and her husband Chuck have been working with couples since 2009. They are certified in eight different psycho-educational programs aimed toward building relational success. Ashley is a counselor with Auxilium Psychological Services.  Ashley and Chuck have three boys and enjoy hiking and mountain biking.

Check out Ashley & Chuck’s book, I Used to Be____ – How to navigate large and small losses in life and find your path forward.

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