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We all face conflict – whether it’s with your spouse, child, parent, neighbor or co-worker. We don’t always agree! How can you navigate conflict better? Is there a way to prevent fights in the first place? Donna Jones has written a new book to help us, “Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life.” On today’s podcast, you’ll learn: 

2:09 The surprising truth about conflict 

6:03 You may be causing conflict without even realizing it  

8:50 What makes marriages last 

11:40 This secret ingredient makes all the difference in conflict 

16:10 Recognizing the patterns of our conflicts and fixing them 

24:17 Handling situations where emotions are running really high

Donna Jones is a national speaker, church planter, pastor’s wife and mom of three adult children. She’s appeared on Focus on the Family and other media outlets. Her new book is “Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life.” 

Find out more about Donna and her book “Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life” on her website

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