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If you could make a wish, what would you wish for? Sometimes we stop hoping and dreaming because it seems to lead only to disappointment. If you want to move forward in your life, even when it hurts to hope again, this episode is just for you.  Rachel Miller shares from her new book “When It Hurts to Hope: Honest Conversations about Living with Unmet Longing.” We’re going to talk about:

3:35. You’re not alone. Everyone has “unmet longing.”

9:07 Here’s something we can all learn from newlyweds…

11:25 How do we still believe God is good when we don’t get what we want?

15:12 How to be a friend to someone who has an unmet longing 

20:10 Living between pessimism and optimism during tough times 

26:43 How community can help when we get lonely

29:25 If you are going through a hard time, do this

Rachel Miller has written for Lifeway, YouVersion, Proverbs 31 MInistries, The Daily Wire and Ramsey Solutions. Her new book is “When It Hurts to Hope: Honest conversations about living with unmet longing.” 

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