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There’s lot of talk about being limitless, but the truth is, we are limited creatures. We’ve got too much laundry, too many bills, too many responsibilities, and too little strength. But what if limitations can actually turn into blessings? Bestselling author Sara Hagerty shares how being a mom of seven has helped her discover the beauty in her boundaries. Sharing from her new book, “The Gift of Limitations,” we’ll talk about: 

2:50 What it means to live inside the fence line 

7:30 The things we think are going to “kill” us actually can be life giving 

10:05 Talking yourself through your limitations 

14:33 When limitations get in the way of accomplishing your dreams 

18: 20 How to name our limitations 

20:17 What do do if you are feeling overwhelmed as a mom 

24:45 What, I don’t always have to be productive???

27:50  Living “slower still”

Sara Hagerty is a bestselling author and speaker who loves to offer God’s hope to readers facing unexpected life circumstances. She and her husband adopted four children from Africa, and then had three miracle babies. Her new book is “The Gift of Limitations: Finding beauty in your boundaries.” 

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