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When your schedule gets fuller and fuller, what ends up happening in your life? Do you feel happier or just more exhausted? A full schedule does not equal a fulfilled life. Many times being too busy is the problem.  If you are tired of being tired, author Jess Connolly is here with ideas for slowing down, creating healthier rhythms, and resting (even when you have kids!). In today’s candid conversation, you’ll learn: 

2:28 The harmful narrative that wives often think about their husbands 

4:45 When we start living tired…

8:42 Why we sometimes just push through the warning signs of being fatigued

11:41 Its okay to go on “low power mode” 

18:44 If you are in a “hustle” season, do this  

21:05 How to mentally rebuild yourself through breath prayer 

23:05 Setting healthy rhythms that help us connect with God

27:03 You don’t have to wait until your kids are grown to rest

Jess Connolly is an author, Bible teacher, podcaster and coach. She and her husband Nick planted Bright City Church in Charleston, South Carolina where they live with their 4 kids. Her other books include Wild and Free, and You are the Girl for the Job.

Learn about Jess Connolly and the book we talked about on today’s episode, Tired of Being Tired.  

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