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Christian values are under attack. How can you teach kids to follow Christ in this social media crazed, me-centered world? Author Lee Ann Mancini will help us raise kids who will live faithfully in these modern times.  We’ll learn how to instill a lifelong passion for Christ in the next generation.  Today’s conversation includes: 

5:18 The sobering statistics that face our kids in this generation

6:57 How we can teach our kids about Biblical truths from the start of their lives 

11:09 “Preparing the soil” in our kids so they can receive God’s Word

14:15  What to do if your kids are being taught false things in school 

15:50 Why is reading to your children so important 

20:05 How to respond if your children are astray from the Lord 

23:45 What Godly discipline looks like 

26:34 How to instill Godly character in your kids

Lee Ann Mancini hosts the award winning podcast Raising Christian Kids and is also a children’s author and producer of the animated series Sea Kids. She has master degrees in Christian studies and Biblical and Theological Studies. She and her husband have 2 adult children and live in Florida.

Learn more about Lee Ann Mancini and her book Raising Kids to Follow Christ.

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