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How can moms stay sane and focused in everyday life?  Arlene shares a message to remind you of what’s most important in raising your kiddos. Hint: It’s not getting into the right college or getting them more followers on social media. How can you equip your kids for adulthood and do it with joy and purpose?  In this message, Arlene talks about: 

2:00 What are some things that wouldn’t happen without mom? 

4:20 Should I bring my child’s tablet to school when he forgets it? 

7:50 The boy Samuel grew in these ways 

11:30 Helping your child do things they don’t feel like doing 

14:00 The true measure of success 

17:50 Launching an adult who loves God doesn’t happen by accident 

21:45 A word to single moms

Arlene Pellicane is the host of the Happy Home podcast, speaker, and author of several books including Screen Kids and Parents Rising.  She and her husband James have three kids and live in San Diego.

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Arlene Pellicane

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