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Are you struggling with your kids about screen time, friends, attitudes, chores, or anything else? How can you live in a place of victory–enjoying your family instead of enduring it? Dads can lead the way, and today I have a very special guest after Father’s Day – my husband James Pellicane. We have been married for more than 25 years and have three children (one in college, one high school graduate, and one high schooler).  In today’s conversation, we share what’s in the (not-so) secret sauce of creating a happy home.  You’ll learn about:

3:50 Creating “winning” experiences for your child 

7:25 Why it is actually good for your kids to NOT get everything that they want 

12:34 How to provide leadership for kids, even when they are teens 

14:30 Try these activities with your kids 

21:37 Why we chose to delay giving smartphones to our kids (and the beautiful result) 

25:10 Getting on the same page with your spouse

James Pellicane earned his MBA and MDiv from Regent University (where he met Arlene). For five years, he worked as a full-time business coach, coaching more than 400 clients. He’s appeared on the Today Show with Arlene, and he is a Realtor/Broker in San Diego where he lives with Arlene and their three kids.

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