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Your kids don’t need you to be perfect–what they really need is to be directed towards a perfect God. How can parents recover this central mission of raising kids who know God and bring Him glory? Juan and Jeanine Sanchez, authors of Reaching Your Child’s Heart, are here to guide us back to Biblical priorities in the home.  Sharing their experience from raising five daughters who are now adults, you’ll learn about:

3:45 Changing your mindset about parenting 

6:35 What to do when you are frustrated with your spouse 

11:04 Our central mission as parents 

14:18 How to deal with sin in the home

19:49 A common pitfall in parenting that you might be falling into 

22:20 What is a child-centered home vs. a parent-directed home?

25:49 Creating a real relationship with your kids

Dr. Juan and Jeanine Sanchez have been married more than 30 years and are the authors of Reaching Your Child’s Heart: A Practical Guide to Faithful Parenting. Juan serves as the senior pastor of High Pointe Baptist Church in Austin and is a council member of The Gospel Coalition and is the cofounder and president of Coalicion. Jeanine teaches English and writing to kids, and is a women’s Bible teacher. They have five grown adult daughters. 

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