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When you are going through a hard time, how do you fight for the well being of your family? You’ll find out today with a podcast first – a mother and daughter team being interviewed – Julie Bennett and her daughter Joy.  The Bennett family said yes to God and moved across the country from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, only to be met with numerous challenges including a cancer diagnosis for Julie. In today’s conversation, you’ll learn: 

5:05 God is faithful, even when He calls to the unexpected 

11:00  What our kids need from us when we are going through a hard time 

18:20 Finding joy even when you are disappointed

21:30 Why is risk is so valuable in life for both kids and adults 

25:00 How to navigate risks when things seem uncertain

Julie Bennett and her husband Chris are the graduates of Baylor University and have spent the majority of their 23 years of marriage working in vocational ministry.  They live in Malibu California where Chris serves as lead pastor of Vintage Church. They have three sons and one daughter, Joy (who you will meet on the podcast).

To learn more about the Bennett family and their book, Fighting for Family: The Relentless Pursuit of Building Belonging, visit their website 

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