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Maybe you’re concerned about the quality of your kids’ education and the morals being taught in the classroom. Could homeschooling be for your family?  Author and homeschooling mom Monica Swanson is here to ease common fears, dispel misconceptions, and give practical tips about homeschooling to help. She also has encouragement for homeschoolers in her new book, Becoming Homeschoolers: Give your kids a great education, a strong family, and a life they’ll thank you for later. 

In today’s conversation, you’ll learn:

4:25 Homeschooling…is that even a possibility???

7:51 How our kids can still socialize (even though they are homeschooled)

12:25 Getting your spouse on board with homeschooling 

15:23 How homeschooling helps you grow as a parent 

17:28 How and when to start homeschooling your kids 

23:48 Transitioning to homeschooling in high school 

27:45 My favorite thing about homeschooling

Monica Swanson is a popular blogger, host of the Monica Swanson podcast (formerly the Boy Mom podcast), and author of Boy Mom, Raising Amazing, and her new book, Becoming Homeschoolers. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Monica has a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and has spend much of her life as a personal coach and trainer. She and her husband Dave have four sons (one college grad, two in college, and a 13-year-old) and they live on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

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