31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom

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Does it ever seem like you’re taking orders from your children instead of the other way around?

In this encouraging, eye-opening book, you’ll discover how to lead your home effectively…and happily.  Arlene has interviewed numerous happy mom experts like Kendra Smiley, Fern Nichols, Dannah Gresh, Karen Ehman, and Laura Petherbridge.

Organized in short chapters that even the busiest mom can read, you’ll become more:

H – Healthy

A – Action-Oriented

P – Prayerful

P –  Perseverant

Y – Yes-Filled

The book includes a “Happy Mom Discussion Guide” to enhance your personal study or for a group study.

What Others Are Saying about 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom:

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom is a practical, easy to read, guide to growth toward happiness.  You owe it to yourself, and your children deserve it.  I highly recommend this book.

– Gary Chapman, Ph.D., author of The Five Love Languages

Moms, get ready to take a much needed break.  Pick up this book to find refreshment and nourishment for your mommy soul!

– Jill Savage, CEO of Hearts at Home and author of No More Perfect Moms

Arlene is a bright light and in this book she will be your daily dose of encouragement as you seek to become part of the minority elite who’ve figured out how to mother the happy way.

– Dannah Gresh, Creator, Secret Keeper Girl

31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom is a must read for every mom who wants to be happy and raise happy, healthy, and heart-for-God children.

– Pam Farrel, author of 40 books including 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make

Arlene’s words will lift you up, point you to Jesus, and help you confidently carry out the all-important, sometimes crazy, but completely holy calling of raising your kids for God’s glory. 

– Karen Ehman, New York Times bestselling author of Keep It Shut

Arlene Pellicane