Quiz: Too Much Screen Time for Kids?

Is your child getting too much screen time?

Take this simple 10 question quiz and find out.  Give a score to each question using the following ratings:

0 = Never or rarely true

1 = Occasionally true

2 = Usually true

3 = Always true

____Your child is upset when you ask him to stop his screen activity to come to dinner or another activity.

____Your child asks you to buy a digital device such as an iPod after you have already said no.

____Your child has trouble completing his homework because he is busy watching television or playing video games.

____Your child refuses to help with chores around the house, choosing instead to play with screens.

___ Your child asks you to play a video game or other screen related activity after you have said no.

____Your child does not get 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

____Your child does not give frequent eye contact to others in the home.

____Your child would rather play video games than go outside to play with friends.

____Your child doesn’t really enjoy anything that does not involve screens.

____ If you restricted all screen use for one day, your child would be irritable and whiny.


If your child scores:

10 or below:  Your child does not appear to have too much screen time.  He seems able to exercise appropriate control and boundaries.

11-20:  Your child may be depending on screen time too much.  You will want to monitor screen time more judiciously and watch for growing reliance upon screens.

21-30:  Your child may be addicted to screens.  You may want to meet with a counselor, pastor, or parent that you respect for advice.

Did you score higher or lower than you thought on the quiz?

Arlene Pellicane