How to Improve Your Postpartum Body Image

Can you relate to this scenario:  You’re feeling fine until you catch a glimpse of yourself in a full length mirror and sigh, “I can’t believe I still look this fat.”

When those days come when you feel discouraged by your extra rolls, courtesy of your bundle of joy, these five practical tips are for you:

1. Splurge on some new makeup or even a makeover at a department store.  Try a new color lipstick or a different shade of eye shadow.  Ask a salesperson at the cosmetics counter for some advice about timesavers for busy moms.  If you only have 5 minutes to apply makeup, what should you do and what products are the essentials?

2.  Get a haircut.  If it’s been awhile since you have changed your hairstyle, now might be the right time.  But don’t feel like you have to make a drastic change.  After all, you’ve just had a baby and that’s drastic change enough!  When you’ve got a great haircut, you will feel better about your appearance.

3.  Buy a new outfit for special occasions.  My friend had to go to a business event with her husband about two months after having her baby, and she couldn’t find anything to wear that flattered her post-baby body.  If you have a special occasion like this to attend, buy one outfit that fits your post-partum body well.  Don’t spend too much money though because you will be losing more weight in the future.

4.  Be patient with yourself.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body won’t be reshaped in one either.  Enjoy these special months with your new baby and don’t obsess over your body.  And you can comfort yourself with the fact that you are not alone.  Millions of moms struggle with the same issue of losing weight after baby.

5.  Commit to eating healthy and exercising.  The extra “you” in the mirror won’t be there forever.  When you decide to eat healthy and exercise regularly, the pounds will come off.  Even if it takes a long time to lose the fat, don’t give up.  One day you will catch a glimpse of yourself in that same mirror and you’ll think, “Thank you God, I made it!”


Arlene Pellicane