Just for You – April 2017


If I Only Treated My Spouse Like I Treat My Puppy 

Our adorable puppy Winston is 4 months old.  As you can imagine, he has our entire family locked into his cuteness.

In the morning, I have to tell myself to greet my family members first before petting that tail-thumping carpet of brown fur around my feet.

No matter how long my day’s to-do list is, I always find it easy to smile at Winston and pet him, and tell him what a good puppy he is.

Hey – wouldn’t it be great to transfer that skill to marriage?

What if…no matter how many things you had on your mind…you could regularly hug your husband, telling him what a wonderful guy he is?

I want to focus on that word “regularly.”  You see, all throughout the day, I’m petting Winston and praising him.

“Way to go, potty!”  

“You’re such a good dog!” 

“You did a great job waiting for me!”  

I’m smiling and hugging him while I’m talking.  I’m happy to see him.

Oh friends, if we could only be so positive and affirming to our husbands!  I know we have no business saying, “Way to go, potty!” but certainly there are other things to praise like going faithfully to work, making decisions, getting the car fixed, and being handsome.

You know how we are so goo-goo over our spouses the first months and years of marriage, then we kind of get over it?  I said to James the other day, “I wonder if that’s how it will be with Winston.  In two years, we won’t gush about his cuteness the way we do now.”

Time will tell how our relationship with our dog will grow.

Time will more importantly tell about how your relationship with your spouse grows.

Let’s make sure our dogs aren’t getting more affection than our husbands!  Tell your man regularly how much you love him.  Stroke him and give him affection.  Respect him.  Welcome his leadership in your home.

If you have a pet, the next time you see them today, ask yourself the question, “Do I treat my spouse as enthusiastically and warmly as I treat my pet?”


Arlene Pellicane