Just for You – February 2017

No Puppy Love…Just Puppy!  

There is certain personality who is getting in the way of romance this year at the Pellicane household.  His name is Winston…and he’s a puppy!

We named this adorable Goldendoodle after Winston Churchill to entice our history loving son to scoop poop with the rest of us.  The girls and James were starry eyed with the prospect of this puppy, and I must admit I was also swept away in the sea of cuteness.

Now that we’ve had him about 2 weeks, I know firsthand puppies are a lot of work!  Winston is my first dog ever.  James and I haven’t exactly had time to be romantic between taking Winston out to go to the bathroom two-three times a night.

So, here I find myself, the author of 31 Days to a Happy Husband walking around the house bleary eyed, like the mother of a baby again.  Not exactly heaping physical affection on my wonderful husband.

Thankfully, we’re both walking around in a daze so neither of us feels particularly offended by the lack of Valentine romance.

Is there anything standing in the way of romance between you and your man?

It may not be a puppy.  Maybe it’s a hectic work schedule, lack of communication, or worries about your kids.  If there is something standing in the way of enjoying starry eyed romance from time to time with your spouse, brainstorm together on how to overcome this obstacle.

I know Winston will be sleeping through the night in the coming weeks so this too shall pass.  Don’t allow a temporary setback to become the new normal.  We’ve all got to fight to get back to the “puppy love” stage.

The pursuit of romance between husband and wife is worth it. Don’t let anything…even a cute dog…get in the way long-term!

Arlene Pellicane