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Video: What can you do with all that Halloween candy?

Halloween is tomorrow. Are you ready for the influx of sugar rushing into your house? In this week’s FB live chat, I give a few ideas of what you can do with all that extra candy. Will your child eat all that (Halloween) candy??? What to do with the abundance […]


Fitting In Exercise ‘Cuz I Can’t Fit Into My Jeans!

If you’ve got kids in your home, you are probably surrounded by Halloween chocolate and candy right now. There are many things I cannot resist on my own:  Reese’s.  M&Ms.  Twix bars.  Butterfingers.  Peppermint Patties.  (Oh be still, my watering mouth!) You get the picture. Before long, my jeans aren’t […]


Lessons Learned from Tight Pants

If you’re like me you have three kinds of pants.  They all have the same number on the tags but one kind is a little tight, one kind is loose, and another kind are just right.  Kind of like Goldilocks and her porridge right?  It’s best to be able to wear those […]