Have you heard of the home exercise DVD workout program P90X?  My husband has college friends who are incredibly fit and of course they do P90X.  The day after he talked with them on the phone, he was on Craigslist looking to buy it.   And the day after that, he was in the parking lot of Costco at 7:00 am to meet someone to buy that home workout program that was going to change our lives!

The trainer is Tony Horton and he does a great job motivating you, providing humor, and showing you how to exercise properly.  He does use some language periodically so that was a minus for us.  But for the most part, he’s appropriate and quite entertaining.

The workouts are 1 hour in length (that’s the part I hate) but they work you out like nobody’s business (that’s the part I love).  You don’t have to think about anything – you just show up and “keep pressing play” as Tony Horton says.  He figures out what to work out (one day it’s back and chest, another it’s biceps, another it’s cardio, etc).  You keep showing up for 90 days in a row and you betcha, you’ll get to your goal weight and be stronger than ever before.

My husband has been my workout buddy which is key.  It’s really hard to maintain a workout routine for 90 days by yourself.  You either have to be extremely motivated and regimented, or you need a partner.  Me?  I needed a partner or I would have quit at about day 25.

We’re almost at the end of the 90 days.  If I feel brave, I’ll post some pictures soon!

Arlene Pellicane

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